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Healthy Smoothie Bowl, 5 Ways to Decrease Calories in Your Smoothie Bowl

healthy smoothie bowl

When you’re making smoothie bowls sometimes you can forget that even though they are healthy you can add to many calories. The bowls you see filled with beautiful smoothies and all the toppings added are mostly for show.  You need to be aware of the following when making your own healthy smoothie bowl:

1.Fruit in Your Bowl

Fruit is a wonderful addition to a smoothie bowl, not only for the benefits but you can also add frozen berries to get the creamy texture. You’ve got to be careful because making a smoothie bowl with only fruit will have too much sugar.

2. Use Veggies & Leafy Greens As a Base

To get less calories and sugar in your bowl – make a green smoothie bowl as the base such as kale or spinach and then add a few fruits for a little sweetness. You can also add shredded carrots and add it as a topping.

3.Pick Low Calorie Toppings

Most people don’t consider the calories in toppings. This is a mistake because they can add up quick. Granola has more calories than fruits and vegetables per serving.

When you’re making a smoothie bowl substitute high calories such as the granola for a low calorie option likehealthy smoothie bowl coconut flakes. Only use one serving or half a serving for your toppings. The best idea would be to sprinkle them lightly and only use two or three per smoothie bowl.

4.Keep an Eye out Portion Size

The photos you see on social media of smoothie bowls are always in huge bowls that have two to four servings. In order to keep the calories down you need to make sure you’re only eating a portion – usually 8 ounces and this is not a bowl full. Everything is super sized now and if you fill the bowl you’ll likely get three or four servings instead of one.

5.Right Balance of Ingredient

In order to make the most of your smoothie bowl you’ll need to get the right balance of healthy fats, protein and carbs. Healthy fat could be avocados, nuts or spinach could be included to get this in your bowl. For protein add peanut butter or protein powder and then carbs would be ingredients like strawberries and peaches.

The key to creating the perfect smoothie bowl that has the benefits, but not the calories is to watch what you put in it and how much gets added. Don’t just throw things in the blender and hope the calories are low. Measure your ingredients and only use a few toppings. Making healthy smoothie bowls are definitely worth learning how to make them right and by following the tips above you’ll be well on your way.

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